AETDEW Fellow Dato Ewe Hong Tat in China-ASEAN Education Week 2023

On the occasion of AETDEW Fellow Professor Dato Ewe Hong Tat’s attendance of the China-ASEAN Education Week in Guiyang 29 September-2 October 2023, He undertook the following activities related to AETDEW agenda. Professor Ewe is the President, Universiti Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Malaysia and President, ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology AAET.

1) Signing MOU with Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU). The MOU would include the AETDEW Village Exchange Program between Beijing Villages and Malaysian Villages as the pilot for possible exchange between Chinese villages and ASEAN villages. The visit of the Malaysian village delegation from three villages to Fangshan Villages in Beijing Municipality is scheduled for January 2024 to be followed by the return visit to Malaysia.

2) Meeting with AETDEW Fellow Xie Ou who went to Guiyang specifically to meet Professor Ewe to discuss the possible setting up of Luban Workshop in UTAR Malaysia. UTAR has working relations with Tianjin城建大学and will contact them on possible collaboration on Luban Workshop.

3) Meeting with AETDEW Fellow Professor Qi Yuansheng, President of China Academy of Printing and Packaging about the setting up of the ASEAN training centre for printing and packaging in UTAR. Professor Qi came specifically to Guiyang to meet Professor Ewe.

4) Meeting with AETDEW Fellow Professor Chen Haoyong of the South China University of Technology Guangzhou to discuss possible collaboration in his area of electric power research and collaboration between the two universities. Professor Chen is an internationally recognised expert of smart and green power grid and was a speaker in Guiyang.

5) Meeting briefly with the President of the China Association for International Education Exchange (CAIEE) former Vice Minister of Education Liu Limin to update him on UTAR’s collaborations with universities in China. CAIEE is in charge of the Luban Workshop program.

Signing of MOU between Universiti Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Malaysia and Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU)
Professor Ewe Hong Tat with AETDEW Fellow Professor Chen Haoyong