Message from AETDEW President Dato Lee Yee Cheong

After the nearly four years of hiatus due to Covid, AETDEW has made great strides to reinvigorate herself in 2023. One of the important methods in AETDEW resurrection is increased information and personal contact between AETDEW Fellows. AETDEW would also need to be more widely known to the world at large, especially the Developing World. The best medium is an informative and up to date AETDEW Website.

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the new AETDEW Website that has been put together by AETDEW Secretariat staff freely provided by AETDEW Deputy President Choo Kok Beng and AETDEW Secretary General Louis Tay. On behalf of AETDEW, I offer grateful thanks to them all.

I urge all AETDEW Fellows to make full use of the Website and input all relevant information about their own activities and those of their organisations regularly to our Webmaster through the AETDEW Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur