Visit of Dato Lee Yee Cheong to Beijing August 2023

AETDEW President Dato Lee Yee Cheong accepted the invitation of AETDEW Fellow Professor Zhong Yixin to speak in the International Conference on the Study of Information in the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication (BUPT). He was accompanied by AETDEW Secretary-General Louis Tay Chee Siong.

Dato Lee Speaking in Conference
Professor Zhong Yixin hosted Welcome Dinner for Foreign Guests

Dato Lee and Louis Tay met with Vice President Liu Minhua of Beijing Technology and Business University BTBU to firm up the exchange of visits by Malaysian and Chinese villagers early 2024. Visits are to be managed by BTBU and University Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Malaysia

Meeting in BTBU


Dato Lee Yee Cheong visited the China Agricultural University at  the invitation of AETDEW Fellow Professor Dong Renjie to speak to post graduate students on “Careers for University Graduates in Current Global Development Revolution” DLYC Lecture CAU August 2023.pptx and receive the appointment as Honorary Professor.

Receiving Honorary Professor Certificate
Speaking to Post Graduate International Students

To get personal experience of the successful poverty eradication success of villages in China, Dato Lee Yee Cheong and Louis Tay visited Pinggu Village of Beijing Municipality. The visit was arranged by BTBU and Dr Yuna Di of BTBU accompanied Dato Lee and Louis Tay. Dato Lee and Louis Tay were very impressed by the development strategy of Pinggu Village to be the agriculture R&D centre of China or the “Agriculture Silicon Valley” of China with famous university like Wageningen University of the Netherland and CP Group of Thailand setting up R&D Institute in Pinggu Village. Chinese agriculture universities and academies also set up their R&D Centres there. Besides attracting young and educated villagers back from the cities, the village council are run by women. Villages in Malaysia, ASEAN and other Belt and Road countries can learn from Chinese villages on how to uplift their social and economic conditions. Pinggu village is very keen to receive villagers from Malaysia and to visit Malaysian villages in return.

Recent rain storm prevented visit to Fangshan Village to look at the Mosque and other Muslim aspects of village life as the proposed Malaysian delegation will include villagers from two Chinese villages and one Malay village.

Meeting with Pinggu Village Council
Research Farm of Traditional Chinese Medical Herbs and Plants
Pinggu Agriculture Silicon Valley Development Model
Sumptuous Lunch by Pinggu Village Council
Fangshan Village Mosque

Another priority project of AETDEW is the “Virtual One Belt One Road Museum”. Dato Lee Yee Cheong visited Professor Xue Lan, President, Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University to solicit his support. Professor Xue Lan is a State Counsellor of the State Council, China and an AETDEW Fellow. Dato Lee was accompanied by Louis Tay and Xie Ou.

AETDEW visit to Schwarzman College @Tsinghua University, Beijing.
(from right in the picture, Dean Prof. Xue Lan, Dato’ Lee Yee Cheong & Louis Tay CS)

Another interested supporter of the AETDEW “Virtual One Belt One Road Museum” is Dr Zhu Dan , the Director General, Department of Cultural Exchange, Chinese People Association for Exchange with Foreign Countries. Dato Lee Yee Cheong , Louis Tay and Xie Ou visited her in her office in Beijing. Dr Zhu invited Dato Lee to speak in the Museum Forum of the 9th Nishan Forum on Classical Cultures in September 2023. Dato Lee accepted the invitation. He also invited Dr Zhu to be an AETDEW Fellow.

AETDEW conducted a courtesy visit to The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, CPAFFC. (from the left, Wang AnQi -Executive of CPAFFC, Gan QinYi – Deputy Director of Cultural Exchange Dept.; Zhu Dan -Director General of CPAFFC; Dato’ Lee Yee Cheong -President of AETDEW; Louis Tay and Xie Ou -Fellows of AETDEW)

Dato Lee, Louis Tay and Xie Ou also visited Dr Wang Lu, General Manager, China Arts and Entertainment Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to solicit her support for the “Virtual One Belt One Road Museum”.

AETDEW Fellow He Chenguang hosted lunch for Dato Lee Yee Cheong, Louis Tay, Han Liqun and Xie Ou to explore further how to get a Luban Workshop set up in Malaysia.

Lunch with AETDEW Fellow He ChenguangThe most important event of the August visit was the dinner meeting of AETDEW Fellows. It was a most successful gathering, with old and new AETDEW Fellows from all parts of China getting together for the very first time. It augurs well for AETDEW in China. Our grateful thanks are due to AETDEW Fellow Yang Linjiang who donated RMB 10K for the dinner. AETDEW Fellow Yang also conferred Dato Lee the Honorary President of the China Academy of Technology.

AETDEW Fellows Dinner Gathering Beijing August 2023

Dato Lee Yee Cheong, Louis Tay and Xie Ou visited AETDEW Fellow Professor Mu Rongping in his Institute for Public Policy and Administration of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss the extension of his Institute activities to ASEAN and other developing countries through AETDEW.

Visit AETDEW Fellow Professor Mu Rongping

Dato Lee Yee Cheong and Xie Ou visited the Head Office of Xiaomi to discuss with Dr Yong Deyu, Director of Strategic Planning about Xiaomi’s possible engagement in Chinese Enterprise/Academia collaboration for assistance to Belt and Road countries starting with Malaysia and ASEAN.

Visit Xiaomi Beijing

At the invitation of AETDEW Fellow Professor Qi Yuansheng, President of Chinese Academy of Printing and Packaging Technology, Dato Lee Yee Cheong held a dialogue session with printing and packaging entrepreneurs from many parts of China to discuss how they can help their counterparts in Belt and Road countries through their Academy and through AETDEW. Dato Lee was made an Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Printing and Packaging.

Dialogue with President Qi of the Chinese Academy of Printing and Packaging and its Alumni
Dialogue with President Qi of the Chinese Academy of Printing and Packaging and its Alumni

AETDEW Fellow Shi Zumei came from Fuzhou to Beijing to arrange for a meeting with the President of the China Association for International Educational Exchange, Minister Liu Limin. Dato Lee and Xie Ou learned a great deal about Luban Workshop from Minister Liu.

Dinner with AETDEW Fellow Shi Zumei in Beijing

The last whole day of the August visit of Dato Lee Yee Cheong was hectic. He went with Xie Ou to Tianjin to visit the Tianjin Municipality Education Commission Director Luo Yenan to understand more about Luban Workshop that was started in Tianjin. The meeting was arranged by AETDEW Fellow Professor Gongke. They then returned to Beijing to meet with Minister Liu Limin. Dato Lee then attended the dinner hosted by Professor Gongke for WFEO President Jose Vieira in Tsinghua University.

Dinner at Tsinghua University